public struct ParamSpecOverrideRef : ParamSpecOverrideProtocol

The ParamSpecOverrideRef type acts as a lightweight Swift reference to an underlying GParamSpecOverride instance. It exposes methods that can operate on this data type through ParamSpecOverrideProtocol conformance. Use ParamSpecOverrideRef only as an unowned reference to an existing GParamSpecOverride instance.

This is a type of GParamSpec type that simply redirects operations to another paramspec. All operations other than getting or setting the value are redirected, including accessing the nick and blurb, validating a value, and so forth. See g_param_spec_get_redirect_target() for retrieving the overridden property. GParamSpecOverride is used in implementing g_object_class_override_property(), and will not be directly useful unless you are implementing a new base type similar to GObject.

  • ptr
    Untyped pointer to the underlying `GParamSpecOverride` instance.

    For type-safe access, use the generated, typed pointer param_spec_override_ptr property instead.



    public let ptr: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

ParamSpecOverride Class