public struct ParamSpecTypeInfoRef : ParamSpecTypeInfoProtocol

The ParamSpecTypeInfoRef type acts as a lightweight Swift reference to an underlying GParamSpecTypeInfo instance. It exposes methods that can operate on this data type through ParamSpecTypeInfoProtocol conformance. Use ParamSpecTypeInfoRef only as an unowned reference to an existing GParamSpecTypeInfo instance.

This structure is used to provide the type system with the information required to initialize and destruct (finalize) a parameter’s class and instances thereof. The initialized structure is passed to the g_param_type_register_static() The type system will perform a deep copy of this structure, so its memory does not need to be persistent across invocation of g_param_type_register_static().

  • ptr
    Untyped pointer to the underlying `GParamSpecTypeInfo` instance.

    For type-safe access, use the generated, typed pointer _ptr property instead.



    public let ptr: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

ParamSpecTypeInfo Record