public struct ParamSpecVariantRef : ParamSpecVariantProtocol

The ParamSpecVariantRef type acts as a lightweight Swift reference to an underlying GParamSpecVariant instance. It exposes methods that can operate on this data type through ParamSpecVariantProtocol conformance. Use ParamSpecVariantRef only as an unowned reference to an existing GParamSpecVariant instance.

A GParamSpec derived structure that contains the meta data for GVariant properties.

When comparing values with g_param_values_cmp(), scalar values with the same type will be compared with g_variant_compare(). Other non-nil variants will be checked for equality with g_variant_equal(), and their sort order is otherwise undefined. nil is ordered before non-nil variants. Two nil values compare equal.

  • ptr
    Untyped pointer to the underlying `GParamSpecVariant` instance.

    For type-safe access, use the generated, typed pointer param_spec_variant_ptr property instead.



    public let ptr: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

ParamSpecVariant Class