public struct ValueRef : ValueProtocol

The ValueRef type acts as a lightweight Swift reference to an underlying GValue instance. It exposes methods that can operate on this data type through ValueProtocol conformance. Use ValueRef only as an unowned reference to an existing GValue instance.

An opaque structure used to hold different types of values. The data within the structure has protected scope: it is accessible only to functions within a GTypeValueTable structure, or implementations of the g_value_*() API. That is, code portions which implement new fundamental types. GValue users cannot make any assumptions about how data is stored within the 2 element data union, and the g_type member should only be accessed through the G_VALUE_TYPE() macro.

  • ptr
    Untyped pointer to the underlying `GValue` instance.

    For type-safe access, use the generated, typed pointer value_ptr property instead.



    public let ptr: UnsafeMutableRawPointer

Value Record