public protocol RendererClassProtocol

Class structure for PangoRenderer.

The following vfuncs take user space coordinates in Pango units and have default implementations:

  • draw_glyphs
  • draw_rectangle
  • draw_error_underline
  • draw_shape
  • draw_glyph_item

The default draw_shape implementation draws nothing.

The following vfuncs take device space coordinates as doubles and must be implemented:

  • draw_trapezoid
  • draw_glyph

The RendererClassProtocol protocol exposes the methods and properties of an underlying PangoRendererClass instance. The default implementation of these can be found in the protocol extension below. For a concrete class that implements these methods and properties, see RendererClass. Alternatively, use RendererClassRef as a lighweight, unowned reference if you already have an instance you just want to use.

  • ptr

    Untyped pointer to the underlying PangoRendererClass instance.



    var ptr: UnsafeMutableRawPointer! { get }
  • _ptr Default implementation

    Typed pointer to the underlying PangoRendererClass instance.

    Default Implementation

    Return the stored, untyped pointer as a typed pointer to the PangoRendererClass instance.



    var _ptr: UnsafeMutablePointer<PangoRendererClass>! { get }
  • Required Initialiser for types conforming to RendererClassProtocol



    init(raw: UnsafeMutableRawPointer)